P.O. Box 2175
Mill Valley, CA 94942
phone 510-233-4990

WELCOME   Alp Ozberker is an internationally recognized artist. He has been a regular feature at California art festivals for decades. Over the last 30 years Alp has become a virtual institution in San Francisco's parks and plazas, where he regularily shows in the warmer months.

Alp's trademark etchings are weird, whimsical and highly accessible. His works are popular with conference goers (from psychologists to software engineers), locals and international tourists. Alp's diverse body of work covers themes from travel to deep sea vents with an instantly recognizable style.

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Google Says... What have others said about Alp?

"I liked the whimsical nature of the etchings, and I knew he could portray the weirdness and beauty we see at the seafloor..." -- Geologist Dan Fornari Woods Hole MA (USA)

"In artist Alp Ozberker’s deep-sea vent world, anemones have jagged teeth, starfish pucker red lips and visitors drift through black smokers in yellow submarines. The California-based artist may be among the first to show shrimp, black smokers and even the submersible Alvin in popular art." -- Amy Nevala, Middle of the Indian Ocean

"If Dr Seuss created a universe for adults while on acid, it might look like Alp Ozberker's work... Pure genius." -- Noah Brunn, Vancouver BC (Canada).

"He does a really good impression of a dancing walrus." -- Mika McKinnon, Santa Barbara CA (USA).

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